Youth Art Contest

Youth Art Contest

Young Artists Contest Winners Announced!

Winners of the Youth Contests were announced Sunday during the Closing General Session Brunch. See below for photos of our 1st place winners!

Youth Art Contest:
Ages 5-8

 1st Place: Auctioneer, by MacAuthur Sullivan

2nd Place: Herding Cattle, by Carolina Sullivan
3rd Place: Snowy Deer, by Madeline Stone

Ages 9-13

 1st Place: Father and Son, by Lindey Kathleen Morvan

2nd Place: 2 Babies, by Trevor Gill
3rd Place: Home Sweet Cactus, by Grace Fry

Ages 14-18

 1st Place: Steeds in Reflection, by Marilyn Steakley

2nd Place: The Stalls, by Madellynn Smith
3rd Place: Wild Like the Wind, by Marilyn Steakley

Best of Show

 Father and Son, by Lindey Kathleen Morvan

Youth Photo Contest:
Ages 5-8

 1st Place: Happy to See Me!, by Cody Fry

2nd Place: Sunny Day = Nap Time, by Dalton Meeks & Captivated, by Jettie Jones
3rd Place: Eye to Eye, by Jettie Jones & Bad Hair Day!, by Cody Fry

Ages 9-13

 1st Place: Back 40, by Brooks Burgin

2nd Place: After 5, by Brooks Burgin
3rd Place: Friends Come in All Shapes and Sizes, by Faith Fry

Ages 14-18

 1st Place: Lulu, by Clayton Myers

2nd Place: Nosey, by Braylee Mackie
3rd Place: Sunkissed, by Braylee Mackie & A Lamb Named Donkey, by Annie Reinke

Best of Show

 Back 40, by Brooks Burgin

Youth Essay Contest:
Ages 5-8

1st Place: Feeding the World, by Dalton Meeks
2nd Place: How Cattle Help Feed the World, by Cody Fry

Ages 9-13

1st Place: What I Cannot Do, by Sierra Allen
2nd Place: BEEF…SUPER TIME, by Meredithe Meeks
3rd Place: How Cattle Help Feed the World, by Faith Fry

Ages 14-18

1st Place: Beef – It’s Feeding the World, by Cullen Eppright
2nd Place: The Impact of Beef, by Annie Braack


Young Artists, Writers and Photographers Invited to Compete

TSCRA will host several art contests for our Cattle Raiser youth. Youth will compete by age groups – 5 to 8 years, 9 to 13 years and 14 to 18 years in either Art, Photography or Writing. Entries will be judged prior to the convention where winners will be chosen by age group.  All visual entries will be displayed at the convention and attendees will be able to vote for Best of Show for each medium.


Each contestant will receive an Expo Day Pass to attend the Cattle Raisers Convention if they choose, but contestants are not required to attend to be eligible to participate or win awards.


First, second and third place winners will be selected in each age category. Winners will receive awards as follows:
1st place: $250; 2nd place: $150; 3rd place: $100


All entries must be received by the TSCRA office, no later than March 9, 2018.


See below for contest guidelines and entry forms, or you can contact us at or 800-242-7820 for more information.


Youth Art Contest:  Download the Art Contest Rules (pdf) and Entry Form (pdf)
Original art depicting cattle, horses or the ranching way of life are suitable. Any media may be used, provided the piece is flat (no more than 2 inches in depth). Pencil (graphite or colored), air brush, graphite, charcoal, ink, crayon, pastel, marker, and paints (watercolor, oil, acrylic, tempera, etc.) art created by using printmaking techniques, mosaics, and mixed media are all acceptable including glue, glitter, collage, sand, yarn or other materials.


This art contest is open to youth from ages 5-18 (age as of April 1, 2018).


Youth Essay Contest: Download the Essay Contest Rules (pdf) and Cover Sheet (pdf)
You may be creative with your title however all entries must be relevant to the topic for this year’s contest:


How Cattle Help Feed The World
Share your real-life experiences to inspire or entertain others. We encourage you to use your most engaging writing style to make your essay stand out to the reader. Tell us interesting – perhaps little known-facts, compelling anecdotes, and your personal opinion related to the essay subject. Most importantly, share your passion for the beef industry and the ranching way of life.


Winning essays may also be published in The Cattleman magazine.


This contest is open to youth from ages 5-18 (age as of April 1, 2018).


Youth Photography Contest: Download the Photography Contest Rules (pdf) and Entry Form (pdf)
Original photos depicting cattle, horses or the ranching way of life are suitable. Use your imagination to capture the heart and soul of ranching life: Sunrise over the herd, kids and dogs playing at the windmill, branding time or a newborn calf with soft eyes and wobbly legs. Share your favorite scenes of cattle, horses and the ranching life.


This contest is open to youth from ages 5-18 (age as of April 1, 2018).


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