Impress Your Boss

Impress Your Boss

Impress Your Boss with an Attendance Plan

You know you’ll learn something at the 2019 Cattle Raisers Convention and Expo that will improve your work at the ranch or your company’s agricultural business.

We certainly want you to attend the Convention, take advantage of the education offered in the School for Successful Ranching and the demonstrations in the Expo.

Plus, you will make valuable connections at the entire event.

We have created some tools to help you convince your boss that the dollars and time away from the job are important investments in the business’ improvement, and in your improvement as a valuable employee:


  • Research the Agenda, Build Your Case
    If you take your professional and skills development seriously, then your company benefits. Research the Cattle Raisers Convention and Expo agenda to find classes, demonstrations and sessions that address areas you need to grow your knowledge.


  • Letter to your manager
    Here’s a sample letter you can use to help convince your manager about the value of attending 2019 Cattle Raisers Convention and Expo and the School for Successful Ranching.


  • Session and exhibitor list
    Use this worksheet to organize your thoughts on the sessions you want to attend and how these sessions can help you discover real answers to your ranching questions. Choose the exhibitors you will visit to learn about products and new technologies, or to schedule demonstrations at your business or ranch.


  • Budget
    Use this worksheet to develop an approximate budget for your attendance to the Cattle Raisers Convention.