MobileTactics Mobile Shooting Range

MobileTactics Mobile Shooting Range

Be sure to come by the MobileTactics Mobile Shooting Range at the Expo during the 2018 Cattle Raisers Convention, where you can try different guns before purchasing them with fully-trained staff available to help.


MobileTactics will be located in the back left corner of the expo floor as you come in through the entrance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there an entry fee for the range?
    No, the shooting range is sponsored by Expo exhibitors and is free to any person attending the Convention and Expo.
  2. I assume it’s handguns only, no rifles?
    There will be handguns and rifles available to test out.
  3. Can people bring their own guns or do they have to rent one?
    Participants cannot bring their own guns onto the property. Expo exhibitors are providing the guns for people to test shoot. You do not need to rent a gun to participate.
  4. How much to rent a gun? Ammo?
    Free to Convention attendees, guns and ammo are being sponsored by our Expo exhibitors.


Sponsored by: Crossbreed Holsters, Henry, Kahr Arms, Charter Arms, E.M.F. Company, Superior Arms Inc., and Bond Arms Inc.