More Cow Pregnancies, Fewer Calf Losses, Faster Genetic Improvement

More Cow Pregnancies, Fewer Calf Losses, Faster Genetic Improvement

Seedstock-style Techniques that Work for Any Cattle Herd

Does your cattle herd have inconsistent or low pregnancy rates? Have you noticed late-term abortions in the herd? Do you want to learn about faster, cheaper ways to improve the genetic merit of your cattle? Brad Lindsey brings his 35 years of field experience helping ranchers solve reproduction problems in their beef cattle herds. He will show how some of the techniques used in purebred cattle production can be successfully and economically applied to commercial cattle herds.


In this session, explore strategies to prepare beef cattle herds for the breeding season through evaluation, grouping, nutrition and herd health management; identify problem breeders; multiply efficient breeders; and integrate better genetics through artificial insemination and embryo transfer methods.


Problems addressed in this session:

Problem cows and heifers are rarely identified before they cost a rancher money.


Many feeding and vaccination routines are implemented at a time or in a way that is detrimental to pregnancy rates.


Not only can problem cattle be eliminated, but efficient beef females can be strategically multiplied in the herd. Many of the advanced reproductive technologies that are primarily used in purebred operations can also be used in a cow-calf operation to optimize returns and to introduce better genetics must faster than traditional pasture mating or artificial insemination.


This program is for any rancher who faces inconsistent or low pregnancy rates, consistent problem cattle, higher-than-average late-term abortions or inconsistent or lower-than-expected response to artificial insemination synchronization protocols.


If you want to increase the genetic merit of your beef cattle in a speedier and cheaper fashion, this program is for you.


Dr. Brad Lindsey brings 35 years of experience in developing and using many beef cattle reproductive technologies, including ultrasonography, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization and cloning. His presentation comes from real-life experiences in the field with numerous purebred and commercial cattle ranchers who are working to improve the reproductive efficiencies of their herds.


Speaker: Dr. Brad R. Lindsey, Ovitra Biotechnology, Inc.

Friday, March 29, 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
FWCC Room 203