Priefert Demonstration Area

Priefert Demonstration Area

Priefert Demonstration Area 


Attendees will feel right at home as the Expo floor is transformed into a dirt arena, complete with cattle, panels and cattle handling equipment. Open to all attendees, the cattle handling sessions are very popular and the stands will be packed with your fellow ranchers.

Sessions below will be repeated on Friday and Saturday during the Expo.

What Are My Cattle Worth? Cattle Buyers Give Their Opinions

Have you ever wondered why two animals at the livestock market can look identical yet bring very different prices? This is your opportunity to understand why. A panel of order buyers and livestock marketing professionals will evaluate different types of cattle, give you their opinions on what each is worth and help you top the market the next time you sell your cattle.


Cattle Branding 101

TSCRA Special Rangers and Market Inspectors view millions of cattle and horse brands annually. Done properly, brands can help permanently identify your animals and prevent cattle theft. Stop by to learn how to design and apply your cattle brand in a safe, effective manner.


Selecting the Right Cattle Handling Equipment

Did you know that your choice of cattle handling equipment and panels can have a dramatic impact on your cattle and taxes? Come and learn from the experts at Priefert Ranch Equipment as they show you how to right-size your cattle handling equipment to fit your operation. You’ll also learn how to plan for future expansion in your facility while minimizing the tax consequences of permanent facilities.


Calving Demonstration

Calving can be one of the most stressful times for cattle producers. Knowing what is happening during calving and how you can assist your cows and heifers can be invaluable. This session will demonstrate the calving process and what you can do to have more successful live births.


Why Weigh?

One of the most basic tools to improve herds is a simple scale. This simple upgrade to your cattle management plan can help you better monitor cattle performance, make better decisions and ultimately lead to greater profit. You’ll see firsthand how easy it can be to weigh cattle and set yourself up to gather the right kind of information on your cattle.


Conformation Matters

What do you know about animal conformation and structure? Come learn how the structural properties of a calf or cow can have an impact on your herd and the animal’s health, movement, and quality as a beef product.