Dan Hale

Dr. Dan Hale received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal science from Kansas State University and his doctorate in food, nutrition and institutional sciences from Oklahoma State University. He is currently associate director for ag and natural resources and the Path to the Plate Coordinator for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. Before this he served as professor and extension meat specialist for 35 years. Hale interprets and extends information on diet/health, food safety, livestock growth and meat science to consumers, youth, health professionals, retailers, food service managers, packers, processors and livestock producers. He also performs industry applied meat science research.


Hale has worked with the National Consumer Retail Beef Study, the National Market Basket Survey and the Beef Tenderness Survey, which examined supplies of beef offered at the retail meat case and determined what consumers want in meat products. Hale was a certified animal welfare auditor for over 10 years. He was the coordinator of the RanchTV virtual video library which now houses over 1,000 videos on Beef Cattle management. This YouTube site has over 10 million views. He is the co-coordinator of the Path to the Plate program which teaches consumers about the importance of agriculture to their daily lives.


Dr. Hale has a passion for training youth and adult audiences about agriculture, health and nutrition. He strives to help Texans better their lives through education about the important connections between agriculture, food and health.