Jay Wade Johnson

Dr. Johnson, or Jay Wade as he is known, has been involved in the beef cattle industry for over 35 years.  He started running and owning stocker cattle with his family when he was in high school.  He majored in Animal Science at Texas A&M University with the idea of being involved in the cattle feeding business.  He eventually received a doctorate in ruminant nutrition from Texas Tech University in 1998.


Upon completion of his doctorate, he returned to his family’s stocker and cattle feeding operation.  He was involved with the preconditioning of thousands of stocker cattle as well as starting a registered seedstock operation.  He was given the opportunity to go back to Texas Tech as the beef cattle professor in 2003.  He taught undergraduate and graduate courses in animal breeding and genetics as well as beef cattle production.  Research interests included preconditioning of cattle and finishing trials to enhance producer profitability.


Jay Wade returned to his family’s operation in 2007.  He went to work for Arm & Hammer in 2016 to help move them into the beef cattle business.  He spent extensive time in dairies learning the nutrition side of that business.  He moved to Huvepharma in 2019 as a tech service ruminant nutritionist.  He resides in Happy, TX with his family.