Jim Bradbury

Bradbury Photo

After spending many years in large law firms, Jim Bradbury left to form his own practice focused on land, environmental, water and regulatory matters, including the imminent water policy issues facing rural Texas. His firm has offices in Fort Worth and Austin. Mr. Bradbury advises clients on land use and permitting as well as enforcement matters before state authorities, EPA and the Department of Justice and handles civil litigation that arises out of environmental issues. Jim has a focus on the legal and policy issues facing Texas landowners and producers, working with statewide agricultural associations on legislative and regulatory matters. His firm also prepares and submits appellate amicus briefing to the Texas Supreme Court on issues of statewide importance. Mr. Bradbury also has significant experience in the environmental aspects of hydraulic fracturing production, including surface use rights, eminent domain and pipelines. Mr. Bradbury is an adjunct Professor at Texas A&M Law School, teaching Ag Law, serves as a member of the Natural Resources Program and taught a Special Projects course in Texas Eminent Domain Policy. He regularly speaks on landowner rights and water issues as they affect Texas public policy and serves as Chair of the Board of the Texas Land Trust Council working to conserve working farms and ranches.