John Feldt

John Feldt is the founder of Blue Water Outlook (BWO), a consulting firm that specializes in integrated weather, water, and climate insight and analysis. His emphasis is on medium- to long-range outlooks, from the next few weeks to the next year.


John completed a 35-year federal career including a diverse array of field and management positions across the National Weather Service.


As Hydrologist-in-Charge of the National Weather Service’s Southeast River Forecast Center (SERFC) in Peachtree City, Georgia, he provided advance notice of floods for over 200 communities across the Southeast U.S.


He was the Meteorologist-in-Charge of the Des Moines, Iowa, office during the Great Midwest Floods of 1993 and worked extensively with the agricultural community.


A graduate of St. Louis University, he has an extensive operational background in both meteorology and hydrology.


Over his career, John gained extensive experience in forecasting a wide variety of weather and water hazards, from tornadoes and blizzards to hurricanes and floods.