Speaker: Emily Lochner, Executive Director Engagement & Education, Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Buying bulls and females is the foundation of any cattle operation – and composition matters! From reproductive indicators to hoof structure to genetics, an operator should take it all into consideration before the gavel drops on a new purchase.

Speakers: Joey Aguilar & Bart Perrier, Supervisor Special Rangers, Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Protect your property from theft using best practices for cattle branding, ranch security and identification. Also learn about safety and awareness regarding ranch activities.

Speaker: Dr. Don Goodman, Veterinarian Yearly vaccinations and health checks make up the basic building blocks of good ranching standards. We’ll breaks down where a proper injection site is located on an animal, how to read a medicine label for proper dosage information, and what vaccinations are needed year-to-year for both cows and

Speakers: Dr. Dan Hale, Associate Director of Ag and Natural Resources, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension; Jason Bagley, Vice President of Beef Resources, Texas Beef Council From beef primals to retail cuts, beef industry experts will demonstrate how a full beef carcass becomes the meat items found in a grocery store counter. Don’t miss

Moderated by: Curt Pate, Curt Pate Stockmanship A squeeze chute is a big investment for any cattle producer. So how do you know which one to choose? During the Arrowquip Chute Out, different equipment manufacturers will demonstrate how to process cows and calves through their manual squeeze chutes. Learn which brands have the

Speakers: Drs. Chelsie Huseman & Jennifer Zoller, Horse Specialists, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Take a ride through ranch horse scenarios navigated with owners across the state to ensure the optimal health of a horse is achieved. Hear about real life circumstances, common and not so common, in ranch horse management.

Speaker: Curt Pate, Curt Pate Stockmanship A good ranch horse can be the most valuable tool for a rancher. Renowned stockman Curt Pate will present a live demonstration on what to look for in a good stock horse, when to know if you’re getting a good deal, and how to take proper care

Speaker: Roy Cox, Owner, Roy Cox Canine Connection Dogs are a man’s best friend – and even more so on a working ranch. Watch a cattle dog demonstration for ideas to implement on your own operation, and how to select a good dog.

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